How to change content of repeating group when a button is clicked on another page

I’m building an app where content of various careers will be available. So on my dashboard I have a section of blogs & with that I have a horizontal list of categories of topics of blog, so whenever someone click on one of the category of blogs, in the next page I’ll show them all the blogs of that category. So how do I change the list of blogs on the next page when someone clicks on one of the categories?

Rest on the next page I have a dropdown of categories which is working & search feature of blogs as well which will be display the search mathes results. But how to change the list of blogs of repeating group if someone clicks a category on another page?

Hi there, @karanoza586… if I understand your post correctly, one way you can go is to send the selected category to the next page as a URL parameter. Then, on the next page, filter the repeating group by getting the selected category from the URL.

Hope this helps.


Hello! Actually I didn’t understand how to do it. Please explain in brief. Thanks!

What did you try? Post some screenshots of what you tried so it is easier to see what you don’t understand.

See I sent the parameters which in our case is category. And then go to the RG but no option to select value of that category and even if j find that how to filter it?

In the constraint on the repeating group’s search, use the Get an option operator to get all of the options from the categories option set, and then filter the options to the one that has the same display as the text in the URL parameter.

It’s not working out! :cry: In constraint part there is no option as all os categories. Please explain in details if you can. I’m noob.

I know there is no option for all os categories… that is why I clearly stated at the beginning of my last reply that you need to use the Get an option operator in the constraint. So, start the expression in the constraint by selecting the Get an option operator from the dropdown.

Did exactly what you said. But no results same as when I click on careers category. It’s showing all the blogs.

If you want to send me a link to your editor (via direct message), I can take a look at it for you.

Omg! My app editor was timed out so it was not working. Thank you so much what you said through constraint actually worked. But I didn’t understand it’s logic. Can you explain because I have similar more items like this in which I would have to same thing. So would you please explain how it worked out and by the way when I clicked on category the value of dropdown also changed. So thank you so much! Waiting for your explanation.

I’m not sure what you are asking me to explain. You selected a category and sent the selected category to another page through a URL parameter. On the other page, you got the selected category from the URL as part of a constraint on a repeating group’s search. There really isn’t more to it than that.

Ok! Thank you!

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