How to Change Core Application Text and Messages

I am wondering if there is a way to style the application text and messages popups that appear automatically


I’d like to style these message box popups. Is there a way and still keep the inherit behavior of them?

Hello @boston85719,

I actually just discovered a solution for exactly what you are talking about!

In your workflows, you can add a new events, then under the general tab, click “An unhanded error occurred.” This will replace the Javascript alerts you shown above.

In that workflow you can add a constraint on it to only trigger that workflow when "Current Workflow Error’s Code is, and for that you would put the code attached with the following image:

When you have that part setup, you can have a custom element show when that event is triggered. For me I have a collapsible group show up.

I hope this helped! I don’t believe there is a way to keep those alerts if you want them custom, the only thing you can change is it’s text.



Inside workflows create a new action for “when an error occurs”

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Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 1.10.25 PM

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