How to let users select their font from a list of fonts?

Hello Bubblers,

My Bubble project is about a web site builder, I let my uses build their own pages using UI block. It works grat, except that I haven’t found an easy solution to mget them choosing the font(s) for their text content…

Is thee any way to have a list of fonts in a dropdown or any othe ‘list’ component (with a prview, it would be wondrful), so that they can select what they want or need and then using conditional formatting I can apply their choice ?

Many thanks in advance for your help, any tip or feeback based on your experience in this area !

Christophe HK

I think you might be able to do this if you upload custom fonts.

Not 100% sure how this feature works in practice but I imagine you’d be able to upload custom fonts and then have the ability to set up dynamic expressions for the fonts.

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Interesting, many thanks @boston85719 for this link, appreciated! :+1:t2:

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