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How to change the URL's name of the app

Hello everybody

I am looking for a solution to change the URL’s names

For example, i would like the URL of my mainpage:
to become

In the forum i founded those links

  with this link inside:  

But I don’t really understand how to proceed.

Is there anyone here who can help me ?

Thanks a lot.

Best regards


We don’t enable you do this, as the name is used for the database, etc, but 1) you can clone the app and then chose another name 2) once you’re on a custom domain it won’t be visible to the users.

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You will make your URL look like that if …

  1. You don’t set the “Content Type” on the Index page to be User. At the moment it is expecting a User to be passed to it. Chances are you don’t want that on your starting page.
  2. You remove the debug mode, which is only there for dev anyway.