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Changing the App Name

I found that I can change the app name on the My Apps page (just by clicking and typing) however the old original name still shows up in lots of places. I used a scratch name when I was first experimenting and I definitely need the old name to go away before I can publish. How can I change the app name permanently and everywhere?


As far as I know, there is no present way to actually change the application name. What you are editing in on the home page is the app nickname, that only faces you. If you want an actual full app name change (as in changing the URL as well), you’d need to copy your current app and change the name that way with the copied application.

Someone feel free to correct me if I am wrong, this is just from my past experience where I’ve wanted to change my apps name before


If you have plans to use custom domain, then the nickname doesn’t matters at all Because when you will deploy your app to live and connect it to custom domain, then that nickname will not show up. I was also concerned about the same problem earlier.

Correct. I am assuming that’s not the case since the app’s name being changed is critical here, whereas the app changing name isn’t critical if you have a domain.

The only way I know how is to create a new app. However the app name only should be when you look at the project in the Editor. - assuming you use a custom domain name? (If you want to import and export the project into a new one - the trick I know is to convert it to a template and import the template into the new project - that way it copies the database and code)

I am going to publish to a custom domain but my app is still in the development\testing phase. I just found another spot in the app’s settings where the old name was still appearing so hopefully changing it there eliminates the instances where I was seeing the old name pop up. I’ll trust that the temporary working title is truly hidden from production if you all say so! Thanks for the advice.

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Yeap do not worry. Once published your visitors will only see your domain. :+1:t2: