How to check if text contains any item from a list?

I want to create a workflow where a product description will be checked to see if they contain relevant tags from a list. If so I have already added text that will be added to it, which works except for checking text against a list. How can this be achieved?

I want to check if Item Description: (This Product is green and is a fan favorite)

Contains any terms from this list: (blue, green, yellow, pink) and also subterms if any.

How can I check text against a list in the workflow? (condition - when i mean)

Anyone >

@emmanuel hi please help me !

Create a workflow event “Do when condition is true”.
Then, using the example below, change “commentary’s comment” to “Item Description” and change the search that I use here to search for the items in your list. You will need to create an additional criteria for each term.

tks but its not what i mean though, am asking about the condition like user input a long string , i want to find the keywords in that string ( like searching list of keyword vs string )

If you are asking how to check for what a user has entered then you would check against an input field or multilineinput field.

Hi momodick28,

what do you want to do once you check if the text contains any item from a list?
Show the hits in a repeating group, or do a workflow?

If it is the first option, you could do something like this using do a search for:filtered then advanced filter.
To avoid searching all items you could also have current user’s list of items instead of do a search for.

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