Like "Contain's List" - Is "Doesn't Contain List" Possible?

I’m trying to configure a workflow to run when 2 lists compared to one another DON’T contain the same entries…

How can this be done?


Can you do an : intersect count <= 0 ?


I’ve never thought of that (nor do I quite understand it)

Where do I put this and how exactly does it work? What is the logic?

Do Search for ThingListA intersect with Do Search for ThingListB:count <=0

if any item from list A is found in List B the output list will contain that Thing. all you are doing is getting the count of things in that new list. If it is > 0 then there was a match somewhere.


How about a MultiTextA (3 lines of text) doesn’t contain 1 or more terms from ThingListA? Would it be:

Do Search for MultiTextA intersect with Do Search for ThingListA:count <=0

And If I want to know If ListA is different from a ListB?
List A: 1, 2, 3,4
List B: 1, 2, 3
Result - ListA is different from ListB
@nomads32n @DaveA

Hi @juancosta900, I had a look at this morning, as I have never tried to compare lists, but have knocked up the demo at the page below, if you scroll down to the bottom. You have a source list which you can select items from, and add them to either List 1 and/or List 2, the text had the bottom then has a conditional check which updates if the lists match contained item or not. You can also delete the items from List 1 and List 2.

On the header above the demo, there is a link to switch you into editor view to see whats going on behind.
The text box that states if the lists have the same entries has conditional statement on it that looks like below;
What it basically is doing is intersects the two lists, and checks the interescted count, matches the count of both the two lists.


Thanks friend. This states that the groups are the same.
I will try this code inside the conditional so i can get the “If else” estatement, ie, when the groups are not the seme.

Works perfectly well, thanks a lot