How to Close a Popup from Reuseable Element Button?

I have a re-usable form within a popup. Since I have to define the element’s behavior within the element, how do I make the submit button also close the popup that the re-usable element is contained in? The popup doesn’t exist within the re-usable element, so I can’t seem to create a workflow to close the popup on submit.

What about making the popup reusable and placing the form inside it?


In the workflow of the popup reusable element, you can do a ‘hide’ and then set the popup to hide.5f386e3760ed0b21121b69bf436cae64

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Ah, I didn’t know you could make a pop-up re-usable. Thank you!!


For anyone who might come across this thread, @buckman came up with an alternate (and pretty creative, if you ask me) solution that uses a custom state to close the popup…