How can I call a popup form reusable element?

I have created popup in the reusable elements now I want open them from the page. How can I do that?

If you have the pop up set up within the reuseable element, you have a state the is yes or no. When you click on an element, you change the state from no to yes.

Inside the reusable element, simply have a workflow “when (state) is yes” show popup.

Make sure though that you reset the state when you close pop up

To do this, you use a Custom Event.

Create a Custom Event in the RE which opens the popup.

Then, on your page, juts use a ‘Trigger Custom Event From Reusable Element’ workflow action.


But I am using that Reusable element in the repeating group. Because of that I am able to do "Trigger Custom Event From Reusable Element’ workflow action.

Why is it in a repeating group?

I have made the reusable elements to delete and edit the records but there are popup’s in that which I want call them separately outside of the the repeating group.

Simply add another (hidden) instance of the RE on the page somewhere and trigger the Custom Event from that.

Thank you for your solution this really solved my problem

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