How to code autism talker app?

I wanted to code an app for nonverbal students with Autism Spectrum Disorder who I am working with, and Bubble seemed like an accessible platform. The app would consist of a “search bar”-like input bar, and underneath it, and underneath it, there would be pictures (like a keyboard) that the students will be able to click. Once clicked, the work in the picture keyboard would be displayed in the “search bar,” and once the sentence is ready, the user would be able to press a button which reads the content aloud. I’m not exactly sure where to start, and I was wondering if the Bubble community had any tips or functions of Bubble which I may be able to utilize. Thank you so much!
Here is an example of a similar app. My goal is to improve upon this app by adding other extensions such as a reward chart or scheduler.

Hi @eunsulee3,

Although doesn’t help in the development, this may be useful for your application:

I don’t have much time to help with any building, but I have a soft spot for this topic. Please let me know if I can help guide you or answer any questions in your journey.


-Brandon :slight_smile: