How to connect landing page and web app for a SaaS?


I’m new to software and I’d like to know if I can create a landing page on wordpress for my saas and connect to the web app built on bubble. Is it possible?

The landing page would be to make subscriptions, tell more about the features and have a button for signing up.

An example of what I’m saying: website and slack’s actual app.

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I would think all you need to do is have a button on your site to open your bubble website. Shouldn’t be too hard at all. Just add a link to the page you want it to go to. Should be no problem. :slight_smile: Enjoy Bubble! If you have any other questions just look on the forum here and if there isn’t an answer yet then post a question and we can see if we can help. Or of course you can also use one of us freelancers as well.

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Hey, I am actually doing same thing, landing page through wordpress and app through bubble.

I set up a subdomain through my domain service (e.g. then record this address to the bubble.
Every other aspect of my app (landing page, faq, pricing, testimonial etc.) is in my website, which is For this website, I needed hosting service (bluehost) and wordpress installed.

When visitors wants to sign up/in, I have simple button in the website(, which direct visitors to my app sign in/up page (


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