Bubble & WordPress intégration

Hi all!
Some context: I’ve built a SaaS in Bubble for my startup project. Since I’m alone, I’ve also created the entire website, including landing pages, contact forms, and a blog.
After winning a pitch battle, I was gifted an entire WordPress site by a professional, which includes a landing page, contact forms, legal pages, and a blog.
Now, what I want to achieve (if possible) is to keep the free WordPress site, which looks very appealing to clients. I’d like to add a button or a page that will redirect to my Bubble App, after removing all other content except for the ‘app and innovation’ part.
For example, similar to how marinetraffic.com functions, where if you come from a specific referral link (like Maritime: Unlock Maritime Insights with MarineTraffic), you can access certain features.
They have two different web domains, but I would like to achieve this with the same domain name if possible. However, I can create a subdomain without any issue.
Let me know if someone can help me out!

Seems like you could use some query params
maybe on the button url in your WP site you can add the domain.com/subpage?feature=allowfeature or anything really that you can use in bubble to pass the information.

Then on page load workflow you can get the parameter and put it on a custom state or you can have a conditional on certain features to show/hide only when current URL parameter is X