How to convert a Google Map (ScreenShot) into a Picture

Hello Bubblers,

I want to create an elegant slide show to show alternatively 1 Picture and 1 Google Map centered on a geographical position.

I tried to Fade In a Group with Picture and Fade In a Group with a Google Map inside, but it’s slow and each time it generates a Google Map call… which might be costly at the end…

I would like to freeze a Google Map Geographical position, and make a kind of snapshot / print screen / picture and convert into a JPG . With this Google Map picture, I will get two pictures and I will use the standard slide show plugin to make it simple.

I’m thinking using the ScreenShotLayer plugin but it requires a url.

Do you know how to get the url of a Google Map Plugin centered on a geographical position?
I haven’t found any thing about that in the forum …

Thanks for your help and ideas.

PS: Any other idea to Fade in a picture and Fade in a Google Map Screen Shot is also appreciated…


Maybe you can screenshot the element, and display it with this new plugin?

Thanks John Mark for your advice,

Before spending 30 USD I have tried another one: ELEMENT TO IMAGE PLUGIN :

The Plugin mechanism is working pretty well in a workflow, and generate PNG from any BUBBLE element, though, every time I try to create an image of a Google Map, … the Map is empty !! I have tried several ELEMENT ID configurations, and every time the Map is empty. (See file Attached)

From your knowledge, do you think it’s…

  1. coming from a parameter that I might have wrongly configured or
    2. a restriction at Google Map or
  2. bug in the ELEMENT TO IMAGE plugin?

I already have asked the PLUGIN creator about it and I’m waiting for his answer.

Based on your experience, do you know if ANYTHING TO IMAGE PLUGIN is also creating empty Google Map images? Have you tried on a Google Map and do you get the content of the Map in the image?

if the ANYTHING TO IMAGE PLUGIN capture the MAP, and create an image, I will buy it for sure.

Thanks for your time and support

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You right, I have no clue if the plugin will work, and there’s no monthly option to test it for one day, and no one purchase it yet. Let us know.

edit: someone just bought it :slight_smile: maybe you?

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