LET'S TALK: Is there a screenshot plugin that REALLY works?

I’ve tried what I think are ALL of the plugins from Bubble concerning Screenshots / Snapshots / Whatever that converts a page of mine into a PNG that my user can download (share with WhatsApp/Slack/Jupiter’s Mom).

Most or all of them have been reviewed 2-3 out of 5 possible stars in plugin page, what can say how much they work or are really hard to implement.

SINCERE QUESTION: Do any of you are using this feature right now and what plugin is working?

Thank you so much.

I haven’t tried any of the Bubble plugins, however I am using an external service for screenshots: https://screenshotlayer.com

It’s proven pretty reliable so far. And if you’re at all familiar with Bubble’s API connector, it’s fairly simple to implement.

If you wish to try it out, they have a free plan that allows you 100 screenshots per month.

Edit: It turns out Screenshot Layer is one of the existing Bubble plugins. To clarify, I haven’t used the supplied plugin, but instead used the Bubble API connector to set it up. And it works well for my needs.


Could you please help me with how to set up the API connector for taking the screenshot.


Here’s a screenshot of how to set it up.

Just sign-up on the screenshotlayer website to get your key.

The full URL I’m using for the GET request is: http://api.screenshotlayer.com/api/capture?access_key=[key]&url=[url]&viewport=1440x900&width=550

That should be all you need to get it working.

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Thank you @dominic :grinning:
Could you please also help me about how to trigger the api call on a click?
Im new to using APIs and your help is much apprciated!

Sure, here’s a quick video of how it can be implemented: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIU8TuSRX9o

You will use the ‘(path) url’ field to nominate the URL for the screenshot. Use this field to select some dynamic URL. In the video I left this field unchanged, so it’s using the default URL I entered when setting up the API.

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There are a few apis out there that can turn URLs to images or PDFs.

That was a very helpful video @dominic. :ok_hand:
Since I am taking screenshot of a dyanamic url, I have added only access key in the API plugin settings. Ive attached the screenshot of the same.
However I am not able to initalize the API call.
What am I missing here?

Plenty thanks for your help! :grinning:

Hello @troy.roberge :grinning:
I would really appreciate if you could help me with ones that you may have found useful.
I have a video element on the screen and would want to take a screenshot while the video is being played. However the screenshot seems to skip these details.

Is there a plugin/api that can address this?

Many thanks!

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When setting up the API, you must include the URL field. The value you give the URL field in the API set-up is not important, it can be anything, as long as it’s a live webpage the API can access to take a screenshot.

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@contato I know how you feel. I have build a cloud function :cloud: that does that for me and i deployed it to google cloud. Always available, dirt cheap to run and all mine :hear_no_evil:

If you are interested reach out through a DM if you like to setup something similar to it. Maybe i can give you access to try it out first. Can be customized to fit any need.

That’s cool. Any change it supports cropping?

Well its code so it support almost any use case that you may have

I tried asking in a different related thread a month ago but didn’t get a response so maybe I’ll have better luck here.

I have the screenshotlayer plugin setup and working correctly except my screenshots show the login prompt. What do I need to add to the API Call that will allow the screenshot to capture the logged in screen?

Screenshot layer doesn’t seem to work with s3 amazon files? I’ve tried adding http:// at the front, but just returns an error?

Hi all, came across this thread today and sharing this in case it might be helpful to you.

I built a screenshot plugin last year which works for taking screenshots of the screen, entire page (above and below the fold), and for groups. Here’s a link to the demo in case you’re interested:
Screenshot Generator Plugin Run Mode Demo

Don’t hesitate to provide feedback! Always open to improving the plugin.


Hi im using uppyuploader to let users upload files. I want it so that if they upload anything other than a jpeg or png, (i.e. pdf or word) that upload will get converted into an image file. Once uploaded uppyuploader provides an amazon s3 file, which screenshotlayer API wont recognise. Would your app work to achieve this? Thanks