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How to convert a number of seconds to a date inside an API Workflow (backend)


I’m doing some mathematical operation in an API Workflow (backend), in the end I need to setup a date-time field.

Date A = Date B + 5 days + serial_number * 300 seconds.

But I’m unable to format this as a date.

I think your math formula should look like this:
Date A = Date B + 5 days + (serial_number * 300 seconds)
Where (serial_number * 300 seconds) =
Custom state = Number or Date
and at the end it will look like this:
Date A = Date B + 5 days + custom state


I’m not working with inputs, but only a backend workflow. (API workflow). Where do you have this “state” option in the backend ?

It’s doesn’t have to be custom state. I just formulate.
For ex. You can store this (serial_number * 300 seconds) result somewhere in DB and set at the API workflow.

Thanks @Eugene_West,

I found the solution, I calculate (Thing’s serial_number * 300 seconds) inside an Arbitrary text, that I convert to a number. Then I add this number to the date.

Date A = Date B + seconds (Arbitrary text:converted to number)
Where Arbitrary text content is Thing's serial_number * 300

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