Workflow Scheduling on a date + time

I want to schedule a workflow at a specific date (exported from API) + 3 days.
When I go to schedule a workflow options I need to give the time in seconds.

How to write a syntax to convert the date + 3 days to seconds, as I didn’t manage to do it with extract?

I’m not sure what you mean? (when you schedule a backend workflow, you schedule it for a specific date/time - not in seconds)?

What are you referring to?

Sounds like you should convert the unix time stamp you get from the API to a date and then add 3 days to that date when you schedule the workflow.

Hey, yes you are right.
I was not precise while naming the trigger - it schedule a custom event, not API Workflow.
I need first to schedule a trigger on the front end that will later start the workflow on the backend.
I do not have all the data in the backend, that I need to start it properly.
I learned from readying the forum the frontend doesn’t start unless the user is on the page, is that true?

For that you’ll need to schedule an API workflow (not a custom event)

I learned from readying the forum the frontend doesn’t start unless the user is on the page, is that true?


I think I cannot escape from this approach - so I would need to figure out how to connect some elements between frontend and backend. As my process takes one element from the frontend.
It is the unique id of the element selected during the initial adding of the first data step, as later those 2 data sets cannot be matched anyway. Now I am thinking to save their unique id on one of the tables, may fix my problem.

You can pass any parameters you like into a backend workflow…

And if by ‘elements’ you mean things in your database - you don’t need to use unique IDs… use the things themselves.

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I have a problem with passing the information to the backend from the frontend. I just have a search on the backend for the element with specific parameters - ex. the newest element.
You know any good tutorials how to bass data from the frontend to backend? I don’t know yet how to work with those keys.

I don’t know about any tutorials… but just add the relevant parameters to your backend workflow… then when you schedule it from the page just enter the values for those parameters.

OK, I see it is much simpler than I thought.
Don’t know why we have created such an elaborate workaround for our application.

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