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How to convert a PRIVATE file to Base64?


I need to make a Post api request to send a file converted to Base 64,

The built in Bubble workflow functionnality “myFile: encoded in Base 64” only works with PUBLIC file and not with private files. (if you toggle the “make this file private” in the file uploader).

I am currently looking for a solution, but only found plugins that works with public files.

I wonder if somebody found a solution to this, either custom code or third party service, because if you need to handle Private files and send them via API, it seems that you can’t do it with Bubble at this moment.

Thank you guys for your help on this,


Try it:

Hello, thank you for forwarding this plugin,
I tried it and it seems to be working with Bytes only, the list of functions is here:

  • “UTF8 to Base 64” encode any UTF8 string to a base 64. Returns a string containing the base 64 encoded string.
  • “Bytes to Base 64” encode a list of numbers in base 64. Returns the base 64 encoded string.

I guess with this plugin I need to find a way to convert the file into bytes.
Did you try the plugin and found a solution to convert a Private file to Base 64?

Thanks for your kind help