How to copy records from one table to another table in the same database?


I have been looking everywhere in the forum for a similar question.
I can see similar questions but none seem to have really been answered.

How do you copy records from one table to another table in the same database?

Can you provide more context about what you’re trying to achieve?

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Hi @alex.esposito.1108
I have a template (table) of field labels that I’m pulling into a repeating group.
There is a radio button in each cell of the repeating group for user to select the label they want to select. They can select multiple labels. When the radio button is clicked, then an input field appears in the same cell of the repeating group for the user to provide a value.

I want to initially write this to a table and then transfer it to the main table when user clicks on Save.

A little more below on the same page, there is a section where the user can reorder how the labeled will be ordered for saving. The ‘order number’ will also be saved in the table.

I don’t want to save to the main table from the beginning since in the long run once I have a good amount of users, they could possibly all be writing off the same table impacting performance.

I need to save to a table as the user is selecting labels and providing field value so that I can allow them to re-order.

Unfortunately, custom state lists can be sorted, otherwise; I would have done that.

After two days of trying, and right after I post this question, I figure out how it’s done.


To write from Table A to Table B:

  1. Create an API that runs against a list.
  2. API workflow will write to Table B.
  3. Run the API against records retrieved from Table A.