Copying data from one table to another

I’m trying to wrap my head around the API Workflows and Endpoints to copy a set of records from one data type to another.

The “source” datatype has the following fields that I need to copy:
Section Text
Order Number

There is an additional field in the “source” called “Template Name” that contains the same name for all 15 records. The “Order Number” field is just a count from 1 to 15 and is used to keep the individual sections of text in the proper order. The “Template Name” field is the field I’d want to filter on.

The “destination” data type also has Section Text, Order Number and Template Name fields. Each of these records will also need some additional data. The data for these additional fields will come from the page itself that will have an element with a “value has changed” event to kick off the workflow. So, in this case the additional fields are:
Property ID

The combination of Property ID, User and Template Name will make these 15 records unique and are later pulled into a repeating group element along with Section Text and Order Number.

My struggle is understanding the combination of the Endpoint, the data action (Create a new thing, Make changes to a thing, Make changes to a list, etc.) and the Schedule API Workflow bits. …and does “Make changes to a list” or “Copy a list of things…” refer to a field that is a list, or is the list a set of records?

I also want to take care not to duplicate records that already exist in the “destination” data type.

I gotta say that there are many things I love about Bubble but nomenclature is NOT one of them.

In database terminology, tables are a place to store data and Data Types are a type of data…Bubble has this wrong. Records are individual items in a table, not “things”. And a list is a group of single items, NOT a set of records AND a set of items within a record…PICK ONE. You shouldn’t assign the term “list” to more than one thing.

I know the developers were maybe trying to help non-coders to grasp the bigger issues without having to learn specific industry terminology but how does someone start with Bubble then move into learning industry terminology without bringing along all this incoherent baggage. Or, someone that understands the proper terminology try and decipher what Bubble has done…it’s just stupid and Bubble should move away from using improper language to help non-coders speak to coders, or even to become coders without looking and sounding stupid.

Okay, ranting aside, I followed the ideas in the following video to properly copy records from my “template” table into my “destination” table. This, for some reason, was easier to understand than some of the more seasoned Bubble training videos with “list of things” in their titles and sprinkled throughout their commentary:
(5) How to Run a Loop in - YouTube