How to copy selected data in another database?

how to copy this selcted data in database after i click on the select button to next flow guide me please?

Depends on how you want to go about it. Either you want to store these things in a state list first and then run a WF on the list or create a list field in your data type and add each thing to that list.

I’d suggest the former though - storing it on a state then run a workflow accordingly.

Yes, first store it on the state then run the workflow accordingly.
But I have faced an error that there are two data bases one is my contacts and the other is event contacts I will copy the data from my contacts to event contacts


Did you create the database data types or are you using a template?

Yes, I created two data types: “My Contacts” and “Event Contacts.” I manually designed the templates without copying from another template. All the design elements were created manually.

Thanks @hardikrathavi123

I take it then that the logic calls for selecting contactEntries that exist in the dB and are shown through the rg shown on the picture. The user selects some and the selected contacts will likely be populating a list of eventContacts field in the eventDataType.


  1. Create a custom state of type list of contacts and place it anywhere. Let’s assume that you are placing it on the page and that this state is called “pageSelectedContactsThatWillBeLaterAddedToADataTypeCalledEventThatIsPlacedSomeWhereOnMyPage”
  2. Locate the event and place it somewhere. Lets assume that the page is of type event and that the user choose this event somewhere before in your app and that made the user land on this page with the event sent to this page by the app (because you programmed this)
  3. As soon as a contact’s checkbox is clicked run an action that “deposits” this contactEntry into the pageCustomState"PageSelectedContacts…" by using an expression somewhat similar to this: page’sSelectedContacts :plus item This contact . This makes sure not to erase any prior contacts that may have been placed on this list priorhand and adds this selected contact to that list.
  4. Upon clicking the selectButton then add the pageCustomStateContactsList to the pageEvent’sListOfContacts using the action make changes to an event and on the listOfContactsField using the value of the pageCustomStateContacts and using the operator “set list” to deposit the entire list to the contactsListFieldOfTheEvent.

Hope the above helps :smiley:

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Thanks, @cmarchan !

I appreciate your detailed explanation. Your guidance on selecting contact entries, managing custom states, and handling event data types is incredibly helpful. I’ll make sure to implement these steps in my app. Your clear and straightforward instructions have made the process much easier to understand and i have added schedule API workflow for storing this list.

Thanks again for taking the time to assist me!

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Hello @cmarchan ,

When I click select button then create list of items then remove state list then close popup then reopen when check box is checked How to fix this issue?


I do not understand. You are detailing a set of steps and showing a screenshot.

No mention of what the problem is.

Hello @cmarchan ,

This is the first step to open the popup.


After opening the popup I will select any client then click the select button to add the client to my event contacts.

Then the second time I click on select from current client to open the popup the popup will open again.


When we open the popup the second time, the old selected client remains selected, what is the solution?

However the state is populated … you must unpopulate it … this way when you return it will no longer show as selected :smiley: