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How to count characters on multiline input?

How to count characters on multiline input and when it reach 1000 characters it will deactiave button.

I tried the countable plugin but it is buggy.

It does not count characters accurately and the character coung doesnt get updated until I type inside the multiline|

Any other solutions available?

Hi there, @hirayaleads… one way to do what you have described is to put a conditional on the button that looks like this…

It takes a few seconds after a user is done typing in the multiline input for the conditional to go into effect when the max number of characters has been exceeded, but it still works. Also, you could consider limiting the number of characters on the multiline input itself… there is a checkbox for that on the Appearance tab of the element editor.

Hope this helps.


Thank you this solution works!
However, I have a problem and it is not updating real time. I have to click on the multinline before the condition applies

For example, I put in 1000 characters on the multiline, however, before it deactivates the button, I still have to click somewher on the multiline first

Maybe this plugin could help you?

I cant see to make it work? do you happen to know how to use this exactly?

And is it possible to get the word count as well instead of just number of characters?

What do you mean by click on the multiline? If a user is entering text into the field, then they have already clicked on it. Sorry, I’m not sure what’s not working here.

sorry for the confusing. It was updating real time, it just a bit of delay. So I thought it wasnt.

Thanks! Had everything figure out :slight_smile:

Also, is there a way to count words intead of just characters?

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Just enter a space for the text separator on the :split by operator.

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Thank you worked well!

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