Rich Text Editor Bubble Plugin Character Count

Does anybody else experience the Rich Text Editor Plugin by bubble character count not ‘refresh’ until after a user stops typing?

I would think the character count should keep pace with the user typing and update itself on every character entry.

I have a text displayed to show the number of characters and I want it to notify the user when they have reached the minimum of 100 characters, but don’t like that they are needing to wait for two or more seconds for the count to ‘update’.

Normally I use the zeroqode plugin countable, but the Rich Text Editor Plugin by bubble doesn’t work with it and I’m forced to use the RTE character count.


This is standard for all of Bubble’s inputs. This plugin should probably solve the issue, as it gets the data typed in real time:

Doesn’t seem to work with the Rich Text Editor plugin by bubble…just installed it, tested it with the element-ID using both a hashtag and without hashtag with no luck

Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 12.32.39 AM
Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 12.33.10 AM

Have you used this plugin successfully with a Rich Text Editor Plugin by Bubble Element?

No, I haven’t, I just assumed it worked for all Bubble inputs, but obviously I was wrong. @eve can we get your input in this?

I think there is something about the Rich Text Plugin that it functions a bit differently than other input elements. Some things like the is_focused as well as the element :value seem to be differences that affect its compatibility

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