How to create a 100% page height page?


I’m missing something, could anyone help ? I’m playing with blocks / page settings, I can’t have an element that’s 100% of the viewport. (new responsive engine).

I would like to center an element on the page 100%-100% perfectly in the middle. I’m using an “align to parent” block, but I can’t find the right way to have the “align to parent” element to have a 100% * 100% viewport page.

I dont think there is a way to set an element height to be 100% of the viewport with the new responsive engine. 100% of parent height has become quite easy (It was really troublesome before the new responsive engine).

One way to do this is to apply css to the element using the Classify plugin.

The matter has been discussed quite extensively through the forum, here is one post that discuss it : Setting a group to be % of viewport height dynamically - #91 by d9999

In fact it’s simple, it’s natively working.

The “debugger” caused a mis-interpretation of what’s rendered, because the debugger add a 300 padding at the bottom (It really shouldn’t).

The page in preview-mode isn’t what you get in reality, in reality.