How to create a bar chart with 2 groupings

How do I create a bar chart with 2 groupings ? I have chart.js and the Apex Lite chart plugins installed. Lets say I am a B2B company and I have a table of orders from customers every month. I want to create a bar chat with the Y axis being sum of order values and the X-Axis being ‘Customer A Jan’, ‘Customer B Jan’, ‘Customer A Feb’, '‘Customer B Feb’ and so on.
I can group by Customer Name to get a chart of order values by customer, I can do the same and get a chart showing the oder values per month. But I need to see a combination of these in 1 graph. If I do group by Customer Name and then group by Month in the chart query, I can’t figure out how do I use these two groupings together in the rest of the chart
Can anyone please help?

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