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Apexcharts - display 2 series with sub-grouping

I am using Apexcharts plugin to plot “Bar chart - multiple bars”. I have category and its completed status. I have to plot the chart grouped by each category and its status (completed or not completed). For e.g. in the attached screen shot there are 5 “Integrity” types and 2 of them completed (value is 1) and 3 of them not completed (value is 0).

Refer attached screen shot on the search & grouping. My chart displayed all 5 “Integrity” type items as both completed and not completed. Is there any pointers to use the “completed” status properly to get the right bar chart.

@Thimo - do you have any videos or documentation for Apex charts which you can share?

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Hi @haigopal Sounds like you are creating a complex grouping in Bubble.

I have used grouping in charts on the demo page that you can take a look at:

For example this chart:

Note: Always make sure to use the same amount of data points on the X- and Y-axis. So, if you are using a grouping, use the same grouping on the X- and Y- axis :slight_smile:

I have never created a grouping that grouped 2 or more values. Like the ‘compliance type’ and ‘completed’ vales in your case. Hopefully you can learn something from the demo page.

@Thimo Thanks a lot for your immediate response. I would like to create a chart like “Visitors and Sales”. I am now working to aggregate my data to separate table for charting purpose.

How can I add the check boxes at the bottom of this page?

btw, Apex Charts looks excellent. I hope to build my chart by referencing your demo charts.

Great to hear you like the plugin! These are Bubble elements that make use of the supported plugin actions. :slight_smile:

You can see how they work with the workflows in the editor of the demo page:

Excellent plugin @Thimo ,
Regarding the gantt chart it is possible to include the progress on every task, so the user can check the status of every task easilly.