How to create a blog post ideas generator?

I would like to create a simple app where a user inputs a topic or keyword phrase and then on the results page that topic is added to a bunch of different “blog post headline ideas”

I already have this set up in a spreadsheet but would like to do it with an app.

For example:

“wicker furniture” Search Button

Results Page:

5 Benefits of Buying “wicker furniture”
The top 10 Manufacturers of “wicker furniture”

I have the search page set up but struggling with setting up the results page. Any ideas, examples or tutorials you know of?

Have you tried making something like this?

Is this what you are trying to do?

Yes, How can I make my own version similar to that?

@j805, nice find. This could definitely be re-built in Bubble :smiley:

@jmilligan09 - HubSpot’s page makes for a pretty good example. I’ll provide a conceptual overview (with the caveat that this is not a full walkthrough).

To build this, having a good knowledge of conditional formatting and states is pretty helpful. (It’s also good to know find/replace, but not completely necessary depending on setup).

From the app standpoint, in your database, you have your blog_post_templates. Within this, each template has a text field that reads something like:

  • 10 ways [variable] is changing the [subject] industry
  • Everything new in [subject] this week
  • Why [subject] expects should pay attention to [variable]

So, when a user comes into your application, first they define the “subject” (which you can save in a text-based state).

Second (optionally, but helps), is them to define a handful of variables. You also store these in a text-based state, but as a list.

Then, you display a repeating group based on a “Do a search for” operation for your blog_post templates. Within your repeating group results, you display the text field, but apply a find/replace operation, which replaces [subject] with the custom state subject. Then, apply the same logic for the variables.

Another approach is that you can generate new data points (via an API workflow) based on your blog_post_templates and display that list to the user. (That’d make it a bit easier for them to “tweak” them and potentially save to an account.

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 125+ Bubble tutorials + on-demand coaching).

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Awesome! Thanks for the detailed explanation.