Create new type / thing based on user input


Was wondering how I’d go about allowing a user to input some information (say fields and field types) to create a new type of thing and have that thing created in the database. Subsequently, allow user to create some new things and show a list of them ?

I have searched and whilst there are some Q&A’s that are close I couldn’t find something really close to this. Bit of a beginner so go easy on me :slight_smile:


That is not going to be possible.

But what you could do is simulate this by having a table with a field that you can put variable data into. Or store the data externally to Bubble maybe.

It is not likely to be super easy.

Thanks @NigelG and apologies for the late response.

Yeah I kind of thought that an approach similar to this may be the only way to go - a bit like custom post types and how they are stored in WP.

Naturally any database operations on data stored this way would require a fair bit of work and searching would be a fair bit slower than a database 'fit-for-purpose- table as it were.

Still think it’s a good feature for the founders to consider…