How to create a condition regarding pages?

Hey all! sorry if this is not allowed, but I am seriously drawing a blank here. How can I create a condition where when a user has gone through a page, the previous page(s) will never appear again upon the next bootup and also the user info is still stored when the application is no longer active? currently trying to find solutions but have nothing appeared so far!

Hi there, @mrmimic07… your question is a bit hard to follow because words/phrases like “bootup” and “no longer active” could have a number of different meanings. That being said (and if I understand your post at all), what you described should be pretty easy to do, and there are plenty of ways you could do it. For example, you could simply save a number to a field on the User data type as the user goes from page to page, and then you could use that number to know which page to load when a user logs back in to your app. You could also have an option set with your page names as the options, and you could save each page to a list field (which is tied to the option set) on the User data type as a user completes each page.

About the user info still being stored when the application is “no longer active,” save the info to one or more data types as the user completes each page, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


Hey @mrmimic07,
not sure if I understood your question fully. But here are my first thoughts about this:

you might wanna send it as an extra parameter when “Go to page…”, like below.

Then you’d have to read the parameter from the URL within a workflow action, like below

Another way is a workflow action available called “Go to previous” page. In case that’s simply what you’d wanna do :wink: