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How do I get the program to remember where a user left off?

I would like to build a program where each user goes through a series of pages. How do I get the program to know where to return when they come back? Say I have a home page, and then start, and then a series of 100 or so pages to go through like a book. How do I get the program to remember that they finished on page 32 and go back to it, and not back at page 1? I’m new and I tried to find the information on how to do this but I couldn’t find it. Thanks!

“Make changes to current user” would probably be the best workflow. In the User database table, add a field named “last page”. Make the data type “number”.

Then every time the current user changes pages, set the current user’s “last page” to the number of the current page. The workflow should be “do when condition is true.”

Let me know if this helps!

Hey @ejohns62, I actually JUST covered this in my last newsletter. Feel free to subscribe (it’s free!) at the link below.

@dbevan covered the gist of saving the user’s place, so depending on what your element setup is like, you can use a custom state or repeating group action to go to the page of that saved value.

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