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How to create a custom app alert containing alert text and picture

Hello community, some people raised concerns about creating a custom alert.

if you can’t find a plugin that suites you try these steps below.

  1. Design a reusable element of type floating group, lets call it “Alert” Design the element however you want your alert to look like.

  2. Give the reusable element three custom state; of type image, text and Boolean (yes/no) respectively.
    A. Alert images: image
    B. Alert text: text
    C. is showing: Yes/No

  3. On the group, put two elements. Text and image, set their source to the reusable elements states A and B above.
    alert 3

  4. In reusable element workflow, Do every “5” seconds, set a conditional on the work for only when “Alert is visible” Note: “5” seconds is how long you want your alert to be visible.

    The only action under this workflow should be to set the alert “is showing” state = no

  5. Place the reusable element “Alert” on the page on which it will be shown to users, uncheck this element is visible on page load, and then give it a condition “this customdefination state is yes”, set property “this element is visible” checked.
    alert condition

  6. In your workflow to show an alert, set the "is showing’ state to yes.
    simply set other states accordingly.
    alert 6

alert 7

I hope that was helpful for the newbies…