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Dumb Question - Can you put images in an alert?

Title says it all. Tried it. Can’t figure it out.

Hello, from the top of my head. I’m not sure this is the most conventional way.

  1. Design a reusable element of type group, lets call it “Alert” Design the element however you want your alert to look like.
  2. Give the reusable element three custom state; of type image, text and boolean (yes/no) respectively.

A. Alert images: image
B. Alert text: text
C. Alert is showing: Yes/No

  1. On the group, put two elements. Text and image, set their source to the reusable elements states A and B above.
  2. In reusable element workflow, Do every “5” seconds, set a conditional on the work for onlywhen “Alert is visible”
  3. Add an action to set the alert’s is showing state to “no”.
  4. Place the reusable element on the page on which it will be shown to users, uncheck this element is visible on page load, and then give it a condition “this customdefination state is yes”, set property “this element is visible” checked.
  5. In your workflow to show an alert, simply set the state of the alert is showing to yes.
  6. You can also set the State A, B above.

N:B you can increase or reduce the Seconds on the Do every 5 seconds workflow depending on how long you wanna show your alert.

I hope that helps. Let me know otherwise


@fuhclifffuhche This is a smart answer. Thank you so much. How did you get this good?

Here’s what I did. I just created a pop-up because I only needed it for one “alert” and placed the image in there.


You are welcome. I have been using bubble for some time now.