How to create a form that checks for and prevents duplicates?

Does anyone know how to create a form where a user would add information and as they are adding information, it would check to make sure that value doesn’t already exist in the database and not allow the user to save? For example, if you wanted to create a form that had:

Customer Name:
Project Name:

If the user entered a Customer Name, the customer would have to exist in the database to save. If they then entered a Project Name and there was already a Project with that Name for the same customer, it wouldn’t let the user save that record. Thanks!

You have to create a condition in your workflow. Do a search and compare with the input that you are trying to enter.

Thanks. Do you have a sample of what that expression would look like? Also, after the search is done, how do you prevent it from saving?

Hi @david35
I’m having trouble figuring this out as well. Did you end up working it out? And if so, would you be willing to share what you found? :slight_smile: