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Prevent from create duplicate data?

I was wondering wich workflow could be the best in the way to prevent from duplicate data.
I mean, creating a data and checking if it’s already in database.

Thanks for the help

I would have a condition on a workflow that checks the field that uniquely defines an element.

yes, but my process is to create data and i don’t see nothing that permit to check current database before.
Any tips ?

This is our workflow

You have to do this at the event condition level. Right now you say “when the icon is clicked and when the current is logged in”, but you can do “when the icon is clicked and when the current is logged in AND search for favoris: count is 0” and you have in the search the constraints that make sure there is no other favori that matches the field you want to check.


It works !! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Worked for me too!

is this the only option?

if there is a big database it will take forever to search for duplicates