How to create a function in bubble

Helo there, i am need help for calculate a time start and time end in my application, but i am have very dificult for manipulate this calc. So i have any idea for calculate this matematic operation by a function but i dont now how i create a function in bubble or if its possible.

Anyone know best practice to calc time or to create a function to do this.

thank you very much!

Are you talking about JavaScript functions?..

Or are you just asking how to set start and end times in Bubble? (which is as simple as setting a field on a datatype, or setting a custom state value…)

Its possible set a field only time? how i can do this?
I need calc total time this fields. how i can do this?

I am a novice in bubble.

I’m still not entirely sue I understand what you’re asking…

But, if you’re asking how to store a start time and end time, in order to track the time (like a time tracker app), then that’s very simple…

Just a time stamp for the start time, and a time stamp for the end time (in the DB or, if it’s just temporary in a custom state on the page).

Then calculate the difference, and display it in seconds (you can calculate minutes and hours from the seconds)…

You can then sum those times together if you have a list of them.

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