How to use time to perform calculations in the bubble app

Suppose I created a table in my bubble app whichlook similar with that below called ParkingMeters which have Four Data Fields that retrieve data from externalAPI or Database where MeterNo is retrievd, Created Time is the time calculated from the time when the data entry is created, Available is the amount and Balance is amount calculated from the time the data entry is created.

I have INPUT and a SUBMIT button when I insert MeterNo’value in the input and click SUBMIT, I need to calculate amounts from the time of ‘Created Time for every minute or 60 seconds add the amount of 55cents to the data field called ‘Balance’.

When I click SUBMIT button subtract the difference from the data field called ‘Available and clear or reset the entry or current data from the field called “Balance AND continue to check and subtract the difference from the ‘Available data fields for every 60seconds. Until otherwise


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