How to create a multi-step one page form in

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I am creating a multi step form where users can fill it but step by like step, step2, etc on the same page. Screenshot is below attached

How i can create it using custom states or any other method will help.

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When clicked on “next” you initiate a workflow that changes the pages state (can be a simple text state) to for example “step2” then “step3” then “step4”.

Then you build several groups containing the form content of each step and add a condition to it stating “when page´s state is step2 (the one that belongs in here)” this group is visible.
(needs to be ticked)

There is a good bubble intro video for states which I would watch to get the concept.

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I understood your solution but do you think it is the best approach for creating multi step form and save data to my database

Multi step forms are a kind of standard case for states. You can save all the data in the last step and all fields, although not visible in the last step, are accessible to save. In terms of load speed it is highly performant as no new pages are involved that need to send data to each other.


Yes! Great for great user experience. Thank you so much for your solution

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