How to create a side bar?

I can’t make a sidebar that fills the screen vertically, as the example below. It should be desktop only. Right now I can get a floating group to touch the top or bottom of the screen, but the “both” setting won’t let do both at the same time.

Did you try to use a floating group?

Right now I can get a floating group to touch the top or bottom of the screen, but the “both” setting won’t let do both at the same time.


I found this it can help

But @Kfawcett has better experience with this. Hey Keith can you assist us on this?

Thanks @AliFarahat. I tried that but it will “stick” just on one diretion (uo/down) but not both. The size was exactly the same of the page. Is it a bug?

Does this sidebar float top and bottom on your desktop? I’m on a laptop now and it fills it vertically both ways for my screen size, but not sure about a desktop?




Sorry for the late reply, but looks like @fayewatson figured it out.

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Thank you both @fayewatson & @Kfawcett

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I did on my apps, a new app and on @fayewatson page, but it will just work on the last.

Can’t figure out what I’m missing.



Hey Cesar I’m not too sure if this is what happened, but when I opened that app in preview mode, the side bar didn’t float to top and bottom (as you said). Then I unchecked ‘this page is fixed width’ and previewed again, and the group did float to top and bottom. I just changed the page back to fixed width, and as long as debug mode is off it looks like will continue to float top and bottom?

*Update: the sidebar only floats top and bottom for me when the page is not set to fixed-width

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Could @emmanuel please check if there’s a bug or we are missing something here?

If there a bug please file a bug report.

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I unset fixed width and it worked. I’ll fill the bug report since I can’t predict the results.

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Has this issue been fixed? It’s been a while since this issue came up and I also submitted a bug report in August but the problem is still persisting in my app. Thanks.

I might be missing something, but does the slidebar element plugin not address the issue?

Thanks for asking @skylershelton.
The issue is actually in regard to the inability to float using “both (top and bottom)” with Floating Group elements. I’m still not able to successfully float a group using “both” in my app and hadn’t noticed any response on the other post (or via the bug reports) either.

I posted the question on another post some time ago, and from the other post was informed that the originating issue started here. It’s a bit hard to follow since the title of this post doesn’t actually state details about the Floating both option.

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Unset “fixed width” and it will work.

Sorry, that’s not the issue @csfalcao.
And this was submitted as a bug report by at least 2 people about 2 months ago.
Just trying to see where it is in development.

I’ll get back soon.

I had this issue and it turned out the floating group was subordinate to page content. So I selected the floating group and cut it, then ensured the page or any other element were no selected, and then pasted the floating group.

That solved the issue.

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