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Floating Groups Using "Both"

It looks like there may be a problem using floating groups relative to the both. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I have been trying this for quite sometime with multiple pages. When I float relative to “top” and “bottom”, the element works as expected. When floating relative to “both” it only honors the top and not the bottom. (And the element is at the topmost level and relative to the page itself.)

Here’s an example floating to the bottom:

This is floating to the top and also floating relative to both:

Hey @saeed.t.richardson, @csfalcao saw this too and filed a bug report. The floating group would float to ‘both’ when the page is set to fixed-width, but not in responsive-mode


Thanks for bringing this up @fayewatson.
Very good to know.

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No problem @saeed.t.richardson :blush:

Posting it here, too, just because the other post may offer confusion if just coming to it for the first time.
Has the issue with the “float both (top and bottom)” been fixed? I’m still not able to successfully float a group using “both” in my app and hadn’t noticed any response on the other post (or via the bug reports) either.

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