How to create a simple download file button?

I am attempting to create a very simple download button to, of course, download content that was previously uploaded by the user. I have searched several places and blog posts but nothing is functioning. I have tried:

  1. checking in the workflow options = no option available to download a file
  2. created an HTML element and code an “a” tag to link to a file’s location = various error messages or just reloads the current page with no indication of a file download or save window prompt.
  3. created a link element and input the files location = this will only load a file in a new window, but does not prompt a download.
  4. I tried to utilize an audio tag with the auto included download button (the file to download is an audio file) = but when I place this element inside the “group” box to position on the page for the layout, the download button will not display the download prompt when clicked.
  5. I’ve even tried to follow the tutorial in the “how to build an unsplash using bubbble” downloading an image = and all this rendered was a prompt to download an html document with the name of the file i was trying to download (not the actual file).

I would appreciate some specific instructions or link to an actual functioning tutorial if possible. Thank you kindly

I’m a little frustrated as this should not be this difficult since your company’s marketed positioning is based on simplifying interaction with a database. The use of a simple download content button seems to be a norm for database driven web apps.

Have you seen this thread? (Note - I don’t work for Bubble, this is mainly a user-to-user community.)

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Thank you kindly for the response. However I did try that method listed in that post (referenced in number three of my list). Unfortunately it only opens a separate browser tab, reloads and displays the linked audio file, loaded as an html audio player. The user would then have to click twice more to use the menu icon, then the download button in the audio player before being prompted to save the file. That is not a good user experience and I was hoping to simply download from a button in my app.

thank you again

Hey, @marenpatterson,

You can take a look at this plugin :grinning: :computer:


Thank you for your response. I appreciate the assistance.

This was actually solved in 2016. Here is a very straightforward solution that uses HTML:

I think everybody gets frustrated with Bubble. I certainly have many times–especially in the first 3 months. Bubble was a wall, and my head was banging against it every day. But their technical support is stellar, and this forum usually delivers the answers I need, and sometimes people will even hop on your editor and solve the issue for you. All that to say: it’s tough to accept, but when things are not following the presumed logic, the issues is almost always me, and not Bubble.

When you arrive at frustration it’s an indication that you aren’t using the correct solution, so always good to take a break. Check Bubble’s docs to ensure your logic isn’t contrary to Bubble’s logic. Make a new page and try to solve with a different starting point. Browse the forums and see what other folks are working on. Go ride a skateboard or do something else that removes your mind from the problem at hand. And don’t delay in reaching out to support–they are highly dedicated and incredibly helpful.

Hopefully you already got this figured out, but if not: the solution always emerges if you can refresh your capacity to keep working.