[SOLVED] Save and download files

I’ve been struggling with what I thought would be simple … saving files.

My customers will upload PDFs and Word documents, so they need to store them and download them (at original size) when they want.

Has anyone figured this out? I have the file uploader trigger a popup to rename the file and then save it to that users file in the ‘file’ Datatype. Then I display the file in a repeating group.

I have no idea how to allow the user to download the file. I can view the file and right click/save … but I want to download it with a click of a button.

Any advice appreciated!

Maybe this plugin would do the trick? I mean, just shy of 30,000 installs can’t be wrong, right? :slight_smile:



Look for a file downloader plugin :smiley:

I was about to post it as well Mike :rofl:

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Thanks guys … I will try that out :slight_smile:


I have solved this task without using a plugin and it works great! For anyone interested in how to save files and view/download/delete, here’s a little video how-to:

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Hello, very nice solution.
But I couldn’t catch all details.
I am sorry, I am a rookie in Bubble. Can you describe little bit, how you made it in details.
As I understood, you have made Custom state file?

Sure, here it is step by step. Start with this layout and instead of using a button, use a link and style it to look like a button:

files 1

Here’s the UPLOAD link workflow steps 1 through 4;

Then, create a popup like this;


and here’s the SAVE button workflow;

The link to the file looks like this;

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I tried downloading the File Downloader Plugin by AirDev, but nothing happens when I try to download. It appears that it is workflow-based, meaning there’s no element to drag onto the page. Instead, you add your element, trigger a workflow from that element, and call the function or action to download the file.

However, when I run the workflow, nothing happens. :weary: I tried looking around this forum to find a solution, but others who have had my issue didn’t get a solution (not posted anyway). So I’m going to try out the workaround @darren.james7518 shared. :crossed_fingers:t5:

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QUICK UPDATE: It opens the file URL in a new tab. I don’t see the download buttons like in the Loom, but you can right click and save it that way. Not ideal, but at least we get somewhere.

Thanks Darren for the workaround!