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[SOLVED] Save and download files

I’ve been struggling with what I thought would be simple … saving files.

My customers will upload PDFs and Word documents, so they need to store them and download them (at original size) when they want.

Has anyone figured this out? I have the file uploader trigger a popup to rename the file and then save it to that users file in the ‘file’ Datatype. Then I display the file in a repeating group.

I have no idea how to allow the user to download the file. I can view the file and right click/save … but I want to download it with a click of a button.

Any advice appreciated!

Maybe this plugin would do the trick? I mean, just shy of 30,000 installs can’t be wrong, right? :slight_smile:


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Look for a file downloader plugin :smiley:

I was about to post it as well Mike :rofl:

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Thanks guys … I will try that out :slight_smile:


I have solved this task without using a plugin and it works great! For anyone interested in how to save files and view/download/delete, here’s a little video how-to:

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Hello, very nice solution.
But I couldn’t catch all details.
I am sorry, I am a rookie in Bubble. Can you describe little bit, how you made it in details.
As I understood, you have made Custom state file?

Sure, here it is step by step. Start with this layout and instead of using a button, use a link and style it to look like a button:

files 1

Here’s the UPLOAD link workflow steps 1 through 4;

Then, create a popup like this;


and here’s the SAVE button workflow;

The link to the file looks like this;