How to create an edit mode to change 'username' and 'password'


I have used the ‘sign the user up’ feature when a user creates a profile, like this:

Now I am creating a ‘settings’ page wherein I am allowing user to edit their username and password. I am using following video for creating the edit mode:

Now, when I try to create a workflow using ‘make changes to user’ for updating the new email and password, I do not get the option for email and password as fields:

So I tried using the accounts feature called "update the user’s credentials’


But here, it is asking for old password, wherein I am not getting the option:

Please help!


I’m having the same issue and I guess it’s a security measure that requires the user to fill-in his old password to verify if it’s actually him. I consequently created another input asking the user to fill-in his password and that solved it for me!

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Oh great! Thank you so much!

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