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Password and Email Change

Im reaching out to the bubble community because, I am currently working on editing my sign up information. I have figured out how to allow the user to edit their username, bio, and displayed name. The problem I am running into is allowing the user to edit and change both their emails and password for logging in. I would like to know what Im missing or what I need to do.

Hello @BNav23

Thanks for the response @cmarchan , however I have already created the user sign up. and log in page. I am struggling with a setting page where I am able to go in and adjust the users setting. for example say you originally sign up with the email [email protected] and password 1234, I would like to be able to change it to [email protected] and the password to 1111


You need to use ‘Update the user’s credentials’ instead of make changes to a thing…

Then you can change their password and emails address:



Thank you! @adamhholmes

what would I enter for old password? I have figured out the rest of the data for the other entries?

Never mind I was able to figure it out. Thank you so much again for the help.

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