How to create an icon that background fills when clicked

I am looking for a way to use a button or icon (not sure which tool) to use to be filled in after being clicked. It is a box beside a filter that needs to have a filled in background color when the button is clicked/filter is applied.

Create a state on the icon for clicked yes no default = no
Set a condition on the icon that changes colour if state = yes.
When you click the icon set clicked state to yes.
A page refresh will reset this though. If you want more permanent there are few ways to handle that.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your response. What is the most efficient way to create a state for the icon?


I am still having trouble with this. In conditional, there is already “This button” to choose from since I am using a button and not an Icon. Should I change to an Icon or does this not matter? I attached a screenshot where I attempt to have this state change color if yes but I am not seeing the option. My workflow is already being used for filtering.



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