How do I build a Custom State

I cannot figure out how to build a custom state to change the font color in a button or text box when it is clicked. I would really appreciate some help with this problem Thank you.

You shouldn’t need a custom state to do that, simply go to the element, press the conditionals tab, and make a conditional that says when this button is pressed or when this button is clicked, and then add the font and color changes below.

If you want to use custom states, you can create those by selecting the element you want to put the custom state on, selecting the i above the conditionals tab, and pressing add a new custom state. If you wanted to use this to trigger the conditional instead of what I was describing earlier, then in the when box of the conditional do (the element you chose)'s (custom state variable name) is yes. And then change the properties below. Hope this helps, let me know if you have questions!

I have a conditional statement that should change the background color of a text box or button but, when I press the button or text box in preview mode, the color change doesn’t persist, it just flashes. Thank you for your help.

Ah I understand. If I were you, I would create a yes/no custom state on that element called “on”. Then I would make the conditional say when pressed or when clicked or when on is a yes. Then I would create a workflow that upon pressing the button, it sets the custom states value to on.

Hello @anon89776722

Start by checking this video to understand custom states:

Basically, you must :

  1. Create the custom state (you can do it anywhere: at the page level, on a group, on the button itself…)
  2. Add a step to your workflow (triggered by the given button) with the action “Set State”
  3. Add a condition on the button that says “When custom state A’s value is X” then change color / font, etc.

That’s not a problem. You just need to understand how custom states work. Start with:

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