How to create and modify a field/list of data on a table who is linked to an other one

Hi every body !

I have 2 tables :
Project (for projects events) and Venue

All projets has a venue (can be multiple) and each venue is related to a project.

I’m beginner on Bubble and I don’t understand how I create a new data informations about my venue LINKED to a specific project.

On the type ‘Project’, I had data type field ‘venues’ . And on the type Venue I had data type ‘project …
But after, on the app ? I create a repeating group with a link to a second page with ‘data to send’ … And on a second page I have my form for all my venue informations … But at this step I don’t know what to do… I try several things but each time I create a new ‘venue’ but on the field ‘project’ there no link to the related project …

Thank you for your help and sorry for my english, I hope you understand !

Because it isn’t populated automatically. You need to assign project via the WF when you are creating a new venue. Something like project = current page project or something else (depending on where do you keep the value of the project on your page)

Oh thank you so much ! I’m so stupid ! I I thought that with “data to send”, it was automaticly related.