Associating data from one table to another

Hi, I’m new to Bubble and have a question around linking two tables. I can’t seem to associate data from one table to another.

Its for a Real Estate application, which I’m trying to associate a single property to many units.

I have two tables:

  1. A Property Table with a unit field that have a list of units.
  2. A Unit Table that has a single property.

I’m able to create new data to each data table independently and am able to manually associate the cross referenced fields to directly to each table, but can’t seem to link them via a workflow in an automated way, which is my intent.

I also on the UI, I have workflow that passes data from a property detail page (data referenced to Properties) to an ‘add unit’ group. I have some of the property data is displayed in the unit group.


I’m hoping it’s a minor thing I’m missing. Any ideas, feedback would be amazing. Thanks in advance.

Create a Property → Create a new Unit (property = result of step #1) → Make a change to Property (add result of step #2 Unit to the list of property units)

Thanks, that was a workflow I was stumped on.

In a similar scenario, is there a way to link a new unit to a pre-existing property already created?

I tried separating out the workflow you recommended, one workflow for the new property and another for a new unit (included the make changes to a thing “Property”), but the linking didn’t seem to work as it did when the workflow was created in a single workflow.

Sure, you just need to specify explicitly what property should be used to add new unit to.

Result of step X is an internal thing, step = action, so you can reference steps within 1 wf, not between 2 wfs

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