How to create auto-scroll slideshow...?

Hi everyone,

I know there are solutions for RG/images but, I have a bunch of groups (each group is made up of text elements) stacked side-by-side within a bigger group. I’d like to show them via an infinitely looping slideshow, that auto-scrolls… One idea I had was having a ‘do every x seconds’ and to show the next group via a right/left transition… Was wondering however, if there’s a better alternative? Any suggestions highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

We have commercial plugin for RepeatingGroup with RepeatingGroupCarousel element that can also work with ordinary groups.
Here’s the topic about it if you’re interested: [NEW PLUGIN] Repeating Group Slider - Showcase / Plugins - Bubble Forum

P.S. I’ve added an example how to work with ordinary group to demo page.

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