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Auto Scrolling Horizontal Repeating Group

How does one create an auto scrolling horizontal repeating group? The equivalent to a slide show but for other data types such as text.

Hello! I would be happy to help guide you to solving how to build auto scrolling horizontal repeating groups. In order to better assist you, can you provide specific examples of what you are trying to build.

Hi! I want to show cities that our outdoor adventures are available in on the landing page. I’m imagining what look like subtle rounded corner buttons moving horizontally at a continuous rate.

Another use case would be featured listings/products. They auto scroll horizontally, but stop for x seconds to read if desired.

In both instances, the object in the repeating group could be clicked on to take the user to a corresponding page showing more detail about that location or product.

Thank you!

Replying in case you didn’t see my last post. Thank you.

Hey Tyler,

Its actually quite straightforward, there is a plugin called, wonderful image slider, good instructions, it will do exactly what you need.
You need to insert a hidden repeating group, (Can sit behind slider, that holds the pic info, then install the slider and connect the 2

Thank you for the reply and proposed solution. I checked out and it appears it’s only for images.

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