How to Create data subset fort children?

I’m currently creating a system for parents to buy and manage meals in a school cafeteria.

But I’m a little bit confuse regarding the relationship on the database between the children and the parents.
Only the parents have a login capacity, therefore the children are just a field for parents, but I’m having trouble with:

  1. How to have a subset of information for the children, under the current user (the parent)? For example the children info, name, photo, class… Still having the current user (parents) info also?

Can anyone suggest me a structure for this?
I already figure out that I can have fields for parents with multiples children, having child 1, child 2… And then doing auto-biding with a decent UI to modify and create each. But the problem is how to have multiple information under the children…

You can have a separate data type “Children” to store all details you need about children. And connect it to User data type via a separate field like “children” = a list of Children

Thank you so much for the reply.
I did that for a while, can I automatically bind these two data types once the user create a new child for example. I record the children as data type and also record under parent already?