How to create different user rolls based on Subscription levels?

I am having a hard time figuring out how to allow certain features based on a user’s subscription level. In my stripe, I have 3 different levels set up. How do I create a flow that allows users to select one plan, and then only have access to certain pages based on their selection? I couldn’t find any good youtube tutorials.

Thanks, Y’all!

In the user type, make a variable (number or text), say, level. Now you can hide or show groups with conditional formatting based on “Current user’s level” (no workflow needed, the groups will show and hide based on the conditional formatting). Just make sure also load data only for the right user level for security/privacy. For example, you can have a group with subgroups that are loaded with date based on the Current user’s level. You probably don’t even need different pages. You can add a workflow like “When page is loaded ===> set Group data = XXX only when Current user’s level = 1; set Group data = YYY only when Current user’s level = 2”

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